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wengerter headshot
wengerter headshot

Avery Wengerter '24

Criminal justice and psychology double major

It is hard to achieve that sense of family on campus; Mount Union does just that.


B.S., Psychology 
B.A., Criminal Justice 


Louisville, Ohio 

Choosing Mount Union

Mount Union has always been part of my life because I live about twenty minutes away. I chose to attend because from the moment I stepped on campus, I could tell there was a really great sense of community. Lots of colleges have strong academics and have great programs like Mount Union does, but it is even harder to achieve that sense of family on campus. Mount Union does just that. I was thankful to receive the Presidential Scholarship to come here as well.


A Second Home

Mount Union feels like a home away from home because of the people! Everyone is so supportive and willing to help. I know that I can go to any of my professors or friends with anything I need help with. Everyone on campus is so friendly that I am now on a first name basis with some of the staff members! I would tell high schoolers looking at colleges to pick a college that feels right for you, not because your friends are going there. It can be super fun to experience college with you high school friends, but college is a time for new experiences and people. Pick a college that has what you want and feels like a second home.


Why Criminal Justice and Psychology?

I chose criminal justice and psychology as my two majors because they are both incredibly versatile. There are different concentrations you can choose in criminal justice and that is giving me a really specialized education. I have always enjoyed psychology and knew I wanted to major in it, plus it pairs well with almost every other major here, too! I’m hoping to go into the FBI and eventually become an intelligence analyst. Mount Union is giving me real world experience that I need to be competitive in a tough field. Mount is providing me with the skills I need to be able to do that job well.


Experience at Mount Union

My favorite experience so far has been with Dr. Stout's Careers in Criminal Justice Class, where she has professionals in many different criminal justice fields come in and speak to us about their jobs. It is a great way to get a better understanding of what each job entails. The Integrative Core will help me throughout my career because it is making me a well-rounded individual. It is helping me develop skills that are applicable in many different fields so if I ever choose a different career path, I can take those skills with me and be competitive anywhere.

Honors Research

The American View of Terrorists

The central topic of this paper is to examine the intricacies of defining terrorism and to examine the way that the United States handled the first act of terrorism on U.S. soil, September 11th, 2001. I examined acts of terrorism that occurred in different countries around the world and throughout history and researched different governing bodies' definitions of terrorism to create a cohesive definition through which to view the attacks.